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Well, the year 2021 is about to end in a few days, of course, let’s welcome 2022 with a warm heart. However, before stepping into it, let’s have a glimpse of the best Linux distributions in 2021, downloaded most so far.
Over the past few years, Linux distros have gained quite popularity, and users are now switching to them; as more and more applications are now available for it. Also, due to partly restriction because of the pandemic, many people have been busy learning or relearning the unfamiliar features of Linux; or simply jumping from one distribution to another to test new features.
Well, if you are finally thinking to experience some other Linux operating system apart from the one you have right now on your PC or Laptop, then here are some best distributions for 2021 to look forward to in 2022.
MX Linux is one of the most popular Linux distros in the year 2021. It is developed by the cooperation between the AntiX and MX Linux communities. The reason for its popularity is its Debian base which makes it compatible with hundreds of software packages; mid-weight; fast performance with combined elegant and efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance. MX’s graphical tools provide an easy way to get a wide variety of tasks done, while antiX’s inherited live USB and snapshot tools offer impressive portability and remastering capabilities. An ample amount of support is offered through videos, documentation, and a very friendly forum.
MX Linux for everyday use
It comes in three desktop flavors, Xfce (the DE flagship), KDE, and Fluxbox. Tons of elements and features make it the ideal distribution choice for the newcomer including the experience one. Do you want to try it, go and grab its ISO file available at 
Well, Manjaro is one of the best Arch Linux but EndeavourOS also grabbing popularity. In 2021, EndeavouOS is one of the most popular Arch-based Linux after Manjaro that people want to try. It is a beautiful open-source system that emerged from the Antergos community after the project was discontinued in 2019.
EndeavourOS best 2021 Linux
The developers of it offer the operating system with a variety of desktop environments are available with the online installation to choose from. Such as Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, i3, KDE Plasma, LXQt, MATE, and Xfce. However, if you are going for its minimalist system then just like any other Linux all operations need to be done via a terminal. Nevertheless, you can install any popular desktop environment any time you want using the command line. We recommended this distro if you are an experienced user who is looking for a slim Arch system. Grab its ISO at
Next on the list is Manjaro Linux which always manages to make its place in most of the best Linux distributions articles. This one is also based on Arch Linux and is available in various desktop flavors, officially. Although Arch Linux is not beginner-friendly, Manjaro makes it very much by offering many pre-installed programs.
Manjaro Linux in 2021
The distro elegantly manages the balancing act between high individual adaptability and simple usability. Its graphical application installer makes things easier for users by offering packages via AUR, SNAP, and Flatpak repositories; as the focus of the system is more on functionally proven functions. We recommend this best Linux distro to both beginners and experienced users who would like to adapt their system extensively. Download this Linux distro ISO at: 
One of the most popular distributions in recent years is Linux Mint. Certainly because of Cinnamon (Windows-like interface) Desktop, Ease of usage, based on Ubuntu, and huge community support. It has been among the top distributions in the world due to its solid performance, excellent support, friendly community, and innovative development – many recommended it as the best distribution. But like other distros, it’s a personal matter, so it’s up to you to decide.
Linux MInt for everyday use 2022
Officially Linux Mint is available with Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce desktop environments.  Check out the latest issues:
Another best operating system of the year 2021 is Pop!_OS, based on Ubuntu-based distribution is ideal for gamers as well as developers. It is developed by System 76 primarily for customer-specific laptops and desktops, it can be perfectly installed and operated on any PC-based system – provided you have a 64-bit CPU and at least 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB hard disk space available.
POP OS for WIne Usage
Out of the box, encryption is there along with Nvidia graphic driver support, hence good for deep learning, media production, and bioinformatics apps for professionals and novices. Pop! _OS can be downloaded from here
Well, Ubuntu lovers may be disappointed after seeing Ubuntu at 6th place, which is a base for a few Linux distros mentioned above. However, like Linux Mint, Ubuntu is highly user-friendliness and has good support for multimedia content. Stability is not an issue with Ubuntu, hence most Linux users recommend it both as Server and Desktop Linux to beginners as well as professionals.
BEst Ubuntu for everyday usage
One of the key things that makes it an optimum choice is its GUI Software Center particularly helpful for beginners to easily install a lot of free software with just a few clicks and without a terminal from Apt and Snap repositories. We recommend it for Linux beginners who want to start learning Linux desktop and server applications. Visit to download ISO of latest LTS Ubuntu Desktop or Server.
Debian is one of the popular operating systems among developers and system admins because of its high stability and long-term support. And also most of the packages via its repository are well tested and stable. The graphical Desktop environment is not an issue, popular ones are officially available while others can be installed easily from its APT repository. The graphical user interface includes KDE, Gnome, and Xfce. Get Debian ISO.
Debian best in 2021
This popular Linux of 2021 is widely used by users who want an impressive desktop interface with a trusted repository base that comes from Ubuntu. It is a fast, friendly, beautiful, and safe environment to work, play or study Linux operating system. With the latest version released in 2021, developers of Elementary introduced new features such as a system-wide black theme and significant performance improvements, security improvements, and a variety of additions are made.
elementary OS 2021 2022 Linux
For Windows and macOS users, Elementary can be the best option with the usual customization features and advanced technologies that we expect from a modern operating system. This Linux distribution looks extremely good on a 4K monitor while still having the usual customizations. The Distro comes with a solid software selection for daily usage. You can install new software with just a few clicks of the mouse via the “Software Center“.  We recommended it, who is looking for a stylish Linux that is easy to use. You can find everything you need at
Relatively new Linux distribution Garuda in this list keeps growing its user base by focusing on games and performance. It is another Linux system in the year 2021 that is popular and based on the Arch Linux operating system.
Garuda is a performance-oriented Linux system with lots of customization options, performance-enhancing tweaks such as Zram, and themes to select. Automatic snapshots with timeshift are possible out of the box and a dedicated tool for games and emulators is also on board.
Garuda Arch based for gaming
Mostly recommended for users who are Linux experienced and want a fancy operating system for playing games. Grab the ISO file-
Fedora doesn’t need an introduction, it is from the Red Hat developers community, aiming for innovative and interesting concepts as possible. It is generally popular among the developers and admin users rather than desktop one who is looking for some Windows or macOS alternative. However, as Fedora relies exclusively on free and latest versions of various applications, it is a good choice for a Linux user who has a good experience.  Visit its website –
Most Popular Linux distors of the year 2021
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