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Picking through WordPress’ plethora of contact form plugins can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best plugins for contact forms so you can quickly select one that suits your needs.
The contact form is an essential yet often overlooked part of a website. With it, you give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you. Why is this so essential? Because it makes for a more user-friendly experience for customers who don’t want to take the time to call your business or go through a live chat.
With a contact form, a customer can shoot you a line and ensure you receive it so you can respond accordingly. Even better, some contact forms come complete with conditional logic to take the user experience to another level, and they can also serve as a great way to keep spam at bay.
With that being said, let’s look at some WordPress contact form plugins that give you the most bang for your buck.
If you place a priority on simplicity, Ninja Forms may be right up your alley. It’s a drag-and-drop WordPress form builder that requires zero tech or coding skills. This makes Ninja Forms possibly the most beginner-friendly option on this list.
WordPress Plugin Ninja Forms
You can build sufficient contact forms using the free version. But to make the most of this WordPress plugin, you’ll want to go premium so you can enjoy conditional logic, multi-part forms, different layouts, file uploads, and more.
Ninja Forms contact forms offers the following benefits for WordPress developers:
Pricing for premium versions of Ninja Forms ranges from $49.50 to $249.50 annually.
Staying true to its name, Formidable Forms gives developers the ability to build complex forms that suffice for virtually any purpose. As such, you could say it’s the most advanced WordPress contact form plugin on the market.
WordPress Formidable Forms
Sure, you can use the plugin to build simple contact forms with its user-friendly drag and drop interface. But you can also use it to create payment forms, surveys, quizzes, profile forms, registration forms, and so forth.
If you need to get really complex with your form creation, use Formidable Forms to make:
And if you need product forms for your online store, Formidable Forms integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.
Is Formidable Forms a solid pick for a beginner? Not necessarily, as it may not be as intuitive and user-friendly as other options. But if you’re a developer looking for something advanced to help you create complex forms for various needs, you can’t go wrong here.
Here are some of the benefits of using the Formidable Forms plugin for WordPress:
Formidable Forms has free WordPress forms if you’re looking to save money. Otherwise, its plans will run you anywhere from $39.50 to $299.50 per year.
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If you’re looking for a contact form plugin for your WordPress site that’s both user-friendly and powerful, WPForms fits the bill. Its drag and drop format makes it user-friendly even for beginners. And you can use its Lite version to give the plugin a test drive so you can see if it fits your needs.
WPForms WordPress Plugin
What do you get with WPForms Lite? All the basics to build a solid contact form, such as essential form fields, a confirmation page, email notifications, and captcha to keep your site safe from spam.
Upgrade from Lite to the premium Pro version, and you can essentially build any contact form you desire, such as:
The Pro version gives you over 150 contact form templates to choose from, while also giving you the power to add bells and whistles such as geolocation, user-submitted content, file uploads, smart conditional logic, and much more.
Add in features like survey and poll creation and a tool to build landing pages for your forms, and it’s easy to see why WPForms is being used on over four million websites.
Below are some benefit of using WPForms contact form plugin:
Pricing for WPForms ranges from $39.50 to $299.50 per year.
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Both beginners and advanced users alike can enjoy all of the features that Gravity Forms has to offer. It’s user-friendly, has a clean interface, and has plenty of support to ensure you make full use of the plugin, which is necessary when you consider its starting price of $59 per year that can go as far as $259 annually.
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin
You can use this WordPress plugin to create multi-page forms, file uploads, web directories, and much more. With over 30 form fields, integrated conditional logic, and even calculations based on user submissions – virtually every form need you have has its solution here.
Here are some benefits of using Gravity Forms contact form plugin for WordPress developers and content managers:
Use the free version of Everest Forms, and you can create unlimited contact forms with its drag and drop builder. Upgrade to the pro version, and you can add 14 form fields, multiple file uploads, customized styles, conditional logic, quizzes, surveys, polls, and more.
Everest Forms WordPress Plugin
Upgrading to Everest Forms’ premium plans will cost you between $49 to $199 per year.
Everest Forms offers the following benefits for WordPress developers:
You may be asking yourself the question: “What should I look for in a contact form plugin?” The answer to that really depends on what function the form(s) you want to create will serve. Overall, however, you will want WordPress plugins that create contact forms to have the following features:
There are many benefits of using contact forms on your website, regardless of whether you have a WordPress website, an eCommerce site, a flat HTML website, or a website built on a website build platform like Shopify or Wix. We list just a few below:
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