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The Project Catalyst initiative is a joint mentorship program formed by the Catalyst and Cardano communities to provide mentorship and resources to start-up initiatives in the crypto and blockchain spaces. COTI was the first to launch a Catalyst Native fund as part of Cardano’s Project Catalyst.
COTI’s dev team is working closely with the 5 projects that were funded, and we are happy to share some updates on the progress that has been made so far:
Carl Henry Global: The team’s primary focus is to create payment plugins and other relevant infrastructure that will enable shopping carts to be easily integrated with Cardano wallets. The team has already made good progress by creating their first demo for the Joomla+Virtuemart plugin which you can watch here. They have also completed a demo for WordPress+WooCommerce plugin which you can watch here.
Duc TIGER Pool: Duc TIGER is developing plugins for some popular online shopping platforms like SHOPIFY, WOOCOMMERCE, and SINGLE RETAIL websites that enable buyers to pay their order by ADA through COTI API in a SEAMLESS UX process.​​ The Duc Team is currently working on developing a demo website for their ADA Pay integration app — which will also be available as an API feed.
Jude Volibra: Shopify is an e-commerce platform with over 1.7M merchants and 400 million+ buyers globally. Given this growth, the Jude Volibra team is building a Shopify plugin that connects with the COTI ecosystem, allowing merchants to accept crypto payments in Ada seamlessly and securely. The team is currently working on the ADA Pay webhook API integration and will be finalizing development by next week.
Victorcorcino: This team is working to create a system where businesses of all sizes can accept Ada as their method of payment. Technical development on this project will be starting next week. The first steps will be to implement ADA Pay API into website, document integration work, and set up A/B test: Fiat only / Fiat & ADA option.
Rodo Miranda: Odoo is an enterprise software with over 7 million users across small and large-sized organizations. The Rodo team is building a plugin that will seamlessly connect to the Odoo platform, allowing Ada users to transact and pay for services across Odoo’s product ecosystem. The next steps are to set up an Odoo environment for development and testing, get and interiorize in ADA Pay API and develop a payment plugin for Odoo.
In the coming weeks, the teams will be engaging and interacting with subject matter experts that will provide the guidance and feedback necessary for a successful product launch. Please check out the Project Catalyst website ( for more updates and progress on these initiatives.

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