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By default snap is disabled on Linux Mint, however, we can enable and install a graphical app store to get various SNAP packages with just one click.
Snap is a universal package manager that allows users to install software available in the Snapcraft repository on all popular Linux regardless of their codebase. This means the same app package for Ubuntu can be installed on RedHat.
The first thing, run the system update command to refresh the system repositories and update the system installed packages.
As we know unlike other Ubuntu-based Linux systems, Mint developers have disabled the SNAP to use on the Linux 20.1 system by default. Thus, first, we need to enable the same, and then only we will be able to install Snap store. However, if you are using Linux Mint 18.2 (Sonya), 18.3 (Sylvia), 19 (Tara), and 19.1 (Tessa), we don’t have to do anything, the snap will be there out of the box.
#Install Snap on Linux
Once the Snap is on your system, let start its service and enable it to autostart with the system boot.
Now, it doesn’t matter you have a previous version or the latest Linux Mint 20.1, run the below-given command to install Snap Store on it.
Install Snap store on Linux Mint 20
Heyan Maurya Linux, Ubuntu

Heyan Maurya Linux
Heyan Maurya Linux
Heyan Maurya Linux

Cool, this is the correct way to install
Could u help me
he nice artical ,
I am using linux mint cinnamon and I got thiss error
” rm: cannot remove ‘/etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref’: No such file or directory ”
when i try to do ‘ Enable & Install Snapd on Linux Mint 20 ” this part
can u tell me to use snap store “GONOME ” is essential or not
seems it does not open1w
No, to use Snap, GNome is not essential at all.

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