Mentoring Breakfasts CRS 2022 – Radio Ink

Four mentoring breakfasts are set to take place during CRS 2022 (Feb. 23-25, 2022). This year’s breakfasts are Streaming Summit Networking, Programming Mentoring, Women’s Mentoring, and Label Mentoring.
The Streaming Summit Networking Breakfast on February 23 is a kick-off welcome from the Streaming Agenda Committee, DSPs, and label partners in the streaming, digital retail, and e-commerce world.
The Programming Mentoring Breakfast on February 24 is a one-on-one session that provides the opportunity for attendees to sit down with experienced PDs who can help them build their skillset and learn fresh new ideas.
The Women’s Mentoring Breakfast, sponsored by NuVoodoo Media Services on February 25, will offer attendees the opportunity to approach and chat with some of music’s female “power players” in a comfortable setting.
The Label Mentoring Breakfast on February 25, will be an opportunity to meet some of the industry’s most inspiring record label executives to create a network, gain knowledge, and connect on everything from mentorship to motivation.
More information and registration can be found Here.
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