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May 20, 2021
LoginID has released a new WordPress plugin that will enable passwordless authentication for users of the platform. Sites that install the plugin will be able to replace traditional usernames and passwords with FIDO-certified biometric authentication procedures.
The new plugin was built to be as user-friendly as possible, and can be installed with only five clicks according to LoginID. Once installed, the solution can handle both biometric registration and follow-up authentication, and eliminates many of the security vulnerabilities normally associated with password-based security.
The plugin could have a major impact on overall web security, if only because there are currently more than 35 million websites running on the WordPress platform. LoginID’s solution uses secure public key cryptography, and will allow WordPress sites to comply with the latest GDPR and PSD2 regulatory requirements. It will also streamline payment procedures and reduce abandonment rates for sites that sell goods directly to the public.
“Unlike other popular single-sign on solutions, user information cannot be used for tracking purposes, ensuring a private experience on websites that integrate the WordPress Plugin,” said LoginID CEO Simon Law. “The plugin can be easily installed by any WordPress developer in minutes, making it the fastest way to add FIDO-certified strong authentication into websites.”
LoginID recently brought in $6 million in its latest round of seed funding. Before that, the company partnered with Ipsidy to release a new AuthentifID solution that combines Ipsidy’s Proof with LoginID’s device-based biometric tech. Data On Tap, Execuvault, NetCents, and FroogalPay are some of the other companies that have adopted LoginID technology in the past few months.
Intercede released a similar biometric authentication plugin for WordPress back in 2017, leveraging QR codes to verify people’s identities with the biometric sensors on a standard smartphone. WordPress also offered support for Google Authenticator two-factor authentication one year prior.

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