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These WordPress apps make it easy to manage your website remotely using just your phone.
WordPress has become one of the most efficient platforms to develop your website because of its simplicity and usability. At this moment, WordPress offers some of the most diverse and valuable features for professional website management.
But it’s challenging for you to sit in front of a computer to monitor the business website constantly. Thus, WordPress empowers you to access your website on the go.
Therefore, using some great apps available on your Android and iOS phone, you can have more control and agility in managing your WordPress website and doing your business. Here are the six best WordPress apps for mobile.
Automattic—the developer of WordPress—has an official app for its platform. With the WordPress app, you can perform almost everything you're able to do with the desktop version.
You can create a new website, check your website's statistics, publish posts and stories, and connect with the writers' community in WordPress Reader.
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It's really useful if you're a travel blogger. Let's say you're visiting the base camp of Mount Everest, and you want to share your experience right now with your readers. You don't have to get down from there and reach a safe place to write about it. Just create your post and publish it directly from your phone.
WordPress Key Features:
Download: WordPress for Android | iOS (Free)
The WooCommerce app has created a distinct significance because it empowers entrepreneurs to run and manage their stores live on the WooCommerce platform, on either Android or iOS.
WooCommerce allows you to manage your business on the go. Also, you can create products, process orders, and track your stats in real-time. Notably, you can perform everything while hanging out with your friends or traveling. You don't need to be tied to a desk.
The WooCommerce app makes the world's most customizable open-source e-commerce platform even more open and accessible. Moreover, it's precise and straightforward. Therefore, anyone without complex technical knowledge can create and maintain a full-fledged online store.
WooCommerce Key Features:
Download: WooCommerce for Android | iOS (Free)
AppMySite is a platform to convert your WordPress & WooCommerce website into a full-scale Android or iOS mobile app. Such an app is particularly effective for startups running short on budget and looking for affordable ways to create an app for their businesses.
AppMySite converts your website into a native mobile app in just two steps. Whether on iOS or Android, it offers an efficiently built native platform so that you don't need to worry about the app's performance.
With AppMySite, you get multi-platform support, instant app delivery, personalized app design, complete payment gateway support, add-on libraries, and many more essential features.
AppMySite Key Features:
Download: AppMySite for Android | iOS (Free trial, subscription required)
Jetpack is your WordPress security system installed on your smartphone, which you can carry everywhere with you. It means your website is never unwatched—you can keep tabs on your website activity and respond in seconds whenever anything needs your attention.
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Jetpack allows you to regularly scan your website for issues and restore them with a single tap on your smartphone. Besides, you can check all the statistics and traffic analytics from the app. Apart from security management, you can also make occasional posts and reply to the latest comments on your website using Jetpack.
As an official application of the WordPress creator, Automattic, Jetpack is an irreplaceable option for WordPress security management.
Jetpack Key Features:
Download: Jetpack: WP Security & Speed for Android | iOS (Free)
Using Mobikul Mobile App for WooCommerce will make an app version of your WooCommerce website which will allow your users to shop around using their smartphones. As it doesn't require any technical skills, you can create a functional web store as a native mobile app without any trouble.
It offers real-time order, product, and stock synchronization using an API along with more than 100 different payment and shipping options. It's fully compatible with your WooCommerce store and you won't miss any of your website features in the mobile application.
Mobikul Mobile App for WooCommerce Key Features:
Download: Mobikul Mobile App for WooCommerce for Android | iOS (Free trial, subscription required)
My WPMobile.App is an Android and iOS app builder for your WordPress websites. With this plugin, you can create an iOS and Android app and publish it on the App Store or Google Play Store. Also, you can test your app via the Android and iOS demo app before the final launch.
It offers lots of useful customization options to tailor the app to your business necessity. Moreover, the app has social sharing options, offline content, unlimited push notifications, and a comments section.
My WPMobile.App Key Features:
Download: My WPMobile.App for Android | iOS (Free trial, subscription required)
Most website owners now look for a remote solution for their website management. It makes it so much easier if you're on the road often, don't work from an office, or need to keep an eye on your site at unsocial hours.
WordPress is also featuring efficient remote management functionalities for its users. Though the popularity has started to grow more and more, most website owners would look for a mobile management solution in a few years.
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