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Here are 10 top business B2B companies you should know by 2022. Technology of Slack, the #262 company. The Zoom Video Channel is one of the best. # Odoo. It is a startup company that makes analytics software. I work for Salesforce.
Apple’s biggest source of the iPhone is Samsung, an example of which. Similarly, Apple has business relationships with Intel, Panasonic, and Intel’s semiconductor division, Micron Technology. In addition to the automobile industry, B2B transactions are one of the major growth areas for the company.
Marketing of companies to businesses can be effective if one company needs to provide the output of another for maintenance or improvement of its operations. Industrial pump manufacturers are selling their products to oil and gas producers as B2B marketing examples.
Business customers are divided into four basic categories: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions in B2B markets. We’ve laid these down here to give you a better picture of them.
A B2B platform that facilitates international trade between companies and their customers, Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and Peng Lei. The key to ensuring that this market remains at the top of its game long into the future has been its advanced and aggressive approach. Companies interested in promoting their products in China often utilize the event to do so.
In the event of a B2B company focused exclusively on product sales, it would be a firm selling security hardware to business units and institutions. When a company provides B2B companies with security hardware, they make a lot of sense.
Like the Apple company, it has B2C (selling in a best buy store) as well as B2B (corporate sales) and DTC (store location.
Ad agencies, office furniture manufacturers, etc.
Uses special industry jargon and terms
Audience needs
Audience is looking for professional expertise
Decision-making process
Decision-making process can take a lot of time
In today’s world, business to business transactions is becoming increasingly common. An easy example of a B2B company is Dropbox, General Electric, Xerox, and WeWork, which are all services designed for businesses.
Sales to the B2B market often occur in the form of transactions between companies who supply each other. Car manufacturers often buy merchandise from tire manufacturers. Similarly, wholesale dealers sell their goods to retailers, who then resell them directly to the consumers.

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