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There are a number of LinkedIn WordPress plugins available for your site that allow you to connect your readers to your LinkedIn profile.
Some of the plugins we found allow you to connect readers to your personal profile page and to your recommendations. Some even allow you to connect readers to your LinkedIn company profile pages and the products or services you offer. Some allow you to share content from your WordPress sites with your LinkedIn community
Below are some you should find useful.

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LinkedIn WordPress Plugins

WP LinkedIn

This plugin for WordPress allows you to embed your LinkedIn profile in several locations across your sites. There are embeds within the plugin that also allow you to embed your LinkedIn recommendations in various places on WordPress. The plugin is capable of embedding your LinkedIn profile at the bottom of your posts, or a LinkedIn badge that displays your name and company. There is also a recommendations scroll that can be embedded on your WordPress sites.
This is a free plugin. Installing the plugin requires uploading its folder to your WordPress plugins folder and activating it through your dashboard.

FB LinkedIn Resume

This LinkedIn WordPress plugin allows you to publish your entire LinkedIn profile onto your site. It also allows you to pick and choose which elements of your profile you’d like to share with your WordPress site visitors.
Installing the plugin for your site only requires you to download and install it on your WordPress site. The options for FB LinkedIn Resume can also be altered. When that’s finished, you receive shortcodes to place around your WordPress sites, such as in your widget sidebars.

LinkedIn Profile Badge

This free LinkedIn plugin for WordPress is offered by Peadig Co-Founder Alex Moss. The plugin allows you to display a LinkedIn badge almost anywhere on WordPress.
The LinkedIn Profile Badge appears as a small rectangle with your LinkedIn profile picture thumbnail alongside your name, title and company, and a location. There is also a button inside the LinkedIn Profile Badge box that directs site readers to your full LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn Profile Badge can be embedded into any post, page, or template, according to its download site.

LinkedIn Auto Publish

LinkedIn Auto Publish allows for posting to your social site directly from any WordPress site you own. According to the download site for the plugin, posts on your WordPress site can be published in myriad ways.
This plugin allows you to filter what posts actually get seen on your LinkedIn profile. Posts to your WordPress sites can be shared or filtered out based on categories to which they’re published.

LinkedIn Master

This plugin is available as a free or premium add-on. It allows you to publish both your personal and business LinkedIn profiles on any WordPress site.
The profile badges the plugin creates can be embedded onto any WordPress post or page. The badges can be displayed horizontally or vertically, depending on the template layout you use for your sites.
The premium version of this plugin starts at $25 for a single site and goes up to $69 for unlimited sites. The premium version allows you to embed LinkedIn Company Profiles and Company Insider widgets.

WP LinkedIn/BuddyStream Integration

This LinkedIn WordPress plugin allows you to integrate WP-LinkedIn and BuddyStream plugins to your WordPress sites. You can display more than one profile after the plugin is installed, according to the website.
The plugin can be activated from your WordPress dashboard after it’s installed to your site.

WP LinkedIn for Companies

This plugin from Vedovini allows you to embed your company profile and updates to your company’s LinkedIn profile to your WordPress sites.
Based on the plugin description, you will be able to display a company profile, a company card, updates from your business and even products or services that your business offers on any WordPress sites you manage. To display these add-ons, you need only insert a shortcode to your site.
There are also a few LinkedIn widgets that you can display on your sites courtesy of the plugin.
But these features come at a price. WP LinkedIn for Companies is a premium plugin and costs $30 for each individual site.

LinkedIn Plugin for WordPress

This plugin from Vedovini provides you with shortcodes to insert a full LinkedIn profile and a scroll with your recommendations from the social media site to your WordPress blogs.
The plugin can be displayed on any WordPress page or post.
It’s free plugin, and another similar plugin allows you to do the same for multiple authors on your WordPress sites.

WP LinkedIn Multi-Users

This plugin from Vedovini is an extension of the company’s WP-LinkedIn plugin already featured on this list.
But unlike that plugin, it will post profile information for multiple authors on your WordPress site. The plugin will recognize different authors and will post their LinkedIn profile information on pages and posts they write.
Using this LinkedIn WordPress plugin on a single site costs $50 for a one-year license.

WordPress Social Ring

This plugin allows you to place share buttons for all the major social media networks, including LinkedIn on your WordPress sites.
According to the download site, you’ll be able to display buttons from LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
The plugin allows you to display these buttons on various areas of your WordPress sites, including the homepage, on posts, pages, category pages, and the archives. The buttons can be displayed above or below content depending on your preference.
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Aira Bongco
I like the ability to post your LinkedIn profile on your blog. If you’re a professional and you’re blogging to increase your portfolio, then this is a really good tool to get yourself instantly established.
I like the last one as well as the one that allows you to auto-publish. I don’t see a use for any of them at this point as I’m yet to get into LinkedIn, but those two appeal.
Great list. I plan to review each to see which ones make the most dollars and cents to add to my site.
My favorite WP plug in for LI is…
Share this!
Why? I can send a post from my blog to 50 groups in under 5 minutes using it’s feature.
Wow! Great roundup. I had no idea there were so many great Linkedin tools available. I especially like the ability to embed your entire profile on your website.
Do you know of any tools that can publish to or integrate the Pulse publishing platform into your WP blog?
Nice site. Are there any plug ins that you know that are free that I can post my group as a widget or some where else?
So there are no plugins to add a Linkedin signup function? Could be very useful for signups for events and so on.
Vanessa Smith
Are there any plugins that will publish your LINKEDIN posts TO your WORDPRESS site?
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