2022 BSM Summit Is A Go – Radio Ink

Barrett Media President Jason Barrett has confirmed that the 2022 BSM Summit scheduled for March 2-3, 2022 in New York City will proceed as originally scheduled. Given the developments with the omicron variant during the past month, all involved wanted to make sure an ability to produce a fun, informative, and safe event remained possible.
The conference, which will be available to industry professionals to attend both live in person or online thru a virtual offering provided by Nuvoodoo Media, has added five more speakers to the 2022 lineup.
Scheduled to take the stage will include KNBR program director Kevin Graham, Sports Radio WIP program director Rod Lakin, 104.3 The Fan program director Raj Sharan, Altitude Sports 92.5 program director Dave Tepper, and Union Broadcasting Vice President and Director of Sales Sandy Cohen.
“This conference started as a programmer’s event, so I’m always going to have a fondness for the PD and their abilities to develop talent, grow audiences, partner with sales, and shape the look and sound of a successful brand,” said Barrett. “With Kevin, Rod, Raj, Dave and Sandy, we’re adding five talented individuals who’ve produced a lot of wins across the country. I’m excited to have them with us and sharing their insights and experiences with our attendees.
More information and registration can be found Here.
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