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WordPress is a great CMS, with a lot of themes to choose from. Going for the right option is important, and the tips in this article might help with that.
WordPress is, by far, the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the entire world. Not only is it easy to install and use, it also features a huge amount of plugins and themes to choose from, which represent an important increase in usability and customization.
However, there are lots of options to choose from and, when users have a lot of options to choose from, it can be hard to choose the best template to apply on a blog. There are free and paid options available, offering features that some people do not even know exist, and a thousand and one customization possibilities – all this to create a truly personalized site or blog.
In order to make the choice easier, there are a few tips and aspect to take into consideration. Some of them will be expanded below.
Is the site/blog personal, business-oriented, or corporate? What is the intent behind it – interact with people on the Internet, promote your brand or create a personal diary, for example? Having well defined and grounded goals, it is possible to choose the template with more security and meaning, according to the site’s purpose. This will give it credibility and transmit confidence to visitors.
If we are talking about blogs, we are talking content. And content always has a reader, so it is important to know who that is, as well as their tastes and preferences. Determining the profile of the blog’s visitor is also important.
For example, an older audience will prefer a sober and clean look, while younger readers will probably a more modern and dynamic template. However, if the audience consists of executives, a more formal template will have a greater chance of success.
Some blogs are fairly simple, composed only of text in the central part and some items in the sidebars – such as post history, blogger profile and so on. However, if you plan to create a professional blog, you might need additional features, such as payment platforms, discussion forums, and others.
Before going for a WordPress template, make a list of everything you need and focus on to the templates that offer these solutions. This will eliminate several options that would not suit your needs, thus making the job easier.
Sometimes we browse through a random website and notice that the theme being used there is great, and could be a right option for the site/blog we are developing. Still, no matter how hard we search, we cannot find its name.
Luckily, there is now an amazing tool to solve this problem: this WordPress Theme Detector. With it, finding a website’s theme is as easy as pasting the link on the tool’s website, and that is it. Enjoy.

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