4 Major Players in Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks, 2021 – Solutions Review

Major Players in Multienterprise Supply Chain Business NetworksMajor Players in Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks
These providers were recently named major players in the multienterprise supply chain business networks market for 2021 by analyst house Gartner, Inc. Our editors have compiled summaries for each of them.
Multienterprise supply chain business networks (MESCBNs) provide companies across industries with cohesive technology platforms to support trading partners in coordinating and executing business processes. These networks are often considered “foundational technology” for more mature enterprises looking to automate and transform their extended supply chain.
The following MESCBN providers were recently named Leaders in the 2021 version of its Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks. The report highlights and scores the top products in the MESCBN marketplace and identifies these four providers as being cornerstones in the space. To help you learn about these companies, our editors have put together a summary of each of their services. The list is organized alphabetically.

E2open - logoE2open - logoE2open is a B2B provider of cloud-based, on-demand software for computer, electronics, telecom, and other supply chain markets. With the company’s collaborative platform, users can collect real-time data from their clientele and access it from a centralized location. According to Gartner’s report, E2open’s strengths include its Harmony platform, partner ecosystems, overall user experience, and its commitment to developing and maintaining applications for core supply chain domains.
Infor - logoInfor - logoInfor is a global provider of cloud software solutions manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, public sectors, energy, healthcare, hospitality, and service companies. The company’s solutions help users take advantage of data-driven insights, adapt to emerging trends and challenges, and accelerate its path to innovation. Gartner gives special notice to the company’s understanding of the market and the capabilities of Infor Nexus.
One Network - logoOne Network - logoOne Network Enterprises provides retail, consumer goods, foodservice, automotive, public sector, healthcare, defense, telecom, and logistics companies with a multi-tier digital platform designed to automate and optimize supply chain network planning and execution. The company’s platform is powered by machine learning technology and provides users with a network-wide, real-time view of the supply chain. The Gartner report spotlights the company’s product offering, innovation, and investment in R&D and emerging technologies as being among its greatest strengths.
SupplyOn - logoSupplyOn - logoSupplyOn offers a supply chain business network for various companies in aerospace, automotive, railway, and manufacturing. The company’s solutions for transport, logistics, purchasing, quality control, and risk management. These features are supported by artificial intelligence and real-time data, enabling companies to take agile, transparent control of relevant processes with external business partners. SupplyOn received high marks from Gartner for its R&D investments and partnerships with other innovation leaders.

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