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Artificial intelligence can make all the difference in how successful your WordPress site is. The right artificial intelligence plugins can save you time, make your site perform better, and keep your site safer. Here are seven WordPress plugins that use artificial intelligence which you don’t want to miss out on.
Your WordPress site will likely keep evolving for some time after it is built. Standard plugins without artificial intelligence may work well when they are initially installed, but they may not be able to keep performing well for you as time goes on.
By contrast, plugins with artificial intelligence keep learning and performing, continuously improving your site. Keep in mind that sometimes plugins that rely on artificial intelligence need some time to learn your site before they can perform well. Give plugins a chance before you judge them too harshly.
You are probably already using this plugin, even if you don’t realize it. It is one of the two plugins that can be found on every WordPress website pre-installed. This plugin relies on artificial intelligence to find spam comments.
Spam comments can be a serious issue for bloggers. It takes forever to go through your comments in the best of circumstances. If they are filled with spam, you may find dealing with spam comments to be a significant part of your blog maintenance.
Do you want people from all over the world to be able to read your website without having to create sites in multiple languages? Then Google English Translator is what you need.
It utilizes highly advanced artificial intelligence from Google to automatically translate your website into multiple languages. Using hosting optimized for wordpress makes it much more likely that your website will be translated logically and appropriately into whatever language your user prefers.
As a blog owner, you are likely well aware of the importance of SEO to make your blog come up in search results and therefore increase viewership for your site. WordLift automatically interprets SEO tips to make your content more search engine friendly.
It provides information based on other articles and creates a knowledge graph that gets better the more content you have on your site.
Grammar can be a challenge for even accomplished writers. After the Deadline use artificial intelligence to check your grammar and make your content as readable as possible. It is a simple, intelligent way to help you write better.
Whether you write in Canadian, British, or American English, After the Deadline can make valuable grammar suggestions for you. It even has limited support for German and French.
The last thing you want is your WordPress site to be hacked or have malicious code or malware put into it. This plugin can scan your website to let you know whether you have been hacked.
While it doesn’t protect your website, it lets you know when you have a problem to do something to remedy it. It’s a great second line of defense after a good hacking blocker.
Adding live chat support to your blog can be expensive and out of the reach of small and medium-sized blogs. This app can enable you to provide some live chat features at practically no cost to you, any time, day or night. Just sign up for a free account.
The artificial intelligence in Live Chat 24-7 will automatically enable this plugin to learn as you use it, so it will keep getting better as time goes on.
Linking between pages on your WordPress site is a very good way to improve your SEO and keep users on your site. However, remembering which pages on your site may be relevant as you build new pages isn’t always easy.
This plugin analyzes the behavior of the people who use your website to make the related posts that are displayed better. You can encourage users to jump from page to page on your site without having to manually link in between individual pages.
The right plugins that utilize artificial intelligence for your WordPress site can make all the difference in the performance of your blog.
Keep these plugins in mind as you are trying to find ways to improve your site, get your site to show up more readily in search engine results, and reach more potential users. You may be astonished by just how much they can do for you at a very reasonable cost. 

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