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The success of your eCommerce operations largely depends on how rapidly your customers receive the shipment. And the secret ingredient that keeps you moving with handling, storage, and processing goods is robust warehouse management. When you look to earn more profits, handling self-operated logistics does not fully meet your goals, especially if it is beyond your sight; it siphons a lot of investment. How’s that if you rein in your overseas warehouse management with 3PLs or third-party logistics. It is indeed efficient, productive, and cost-effective. With 3PL warehouse management software for your warehouse operations, it gives you a unified view and rapid applicability for success. Don’t know if you go for 3PL management software or not, just read on to know more about its features and benefits.

What is 3PL?

Simply put, outsourcing logistics services is known as 3PL. The most basic function of this type of service includes,

• Stock picking from the supply chain

• International, national, local goods shipment

• Compliance with overseas, local or national road transportation laws

• Pick, pack and dispatch fulfillment services

• Last-mile delivery

To avoid expensive investment in vehicles, facilities, equipment handling, and staff management and training, you can outsource third-party logistics services yet achieve warehouse management and distribution excellence.

As you consider outsourcing 3PL, using 3PL warehouse management software makes a comprehensive addition to the whole system of warehouse operation management. In addition, WMS software also streamlines complex warehouse operations, lowers operation costs, and improves decision making. But, before you move on, you must check with what benefits you can get from the third-party logistics management software.

3PL software management benefits for your wholesale, retail, or manufacturing businesses.

Real-time visibility into stocks

With your 3PL warehouse management software integrated with the ERP or enterprise resource planning, you get real-time data about anything related to stocks. At the same time, the system easily connects you with your shipper, giving you unified visibility into progress, inventory, and documents virtually. When combined with your 3PL warehouse management system, an inventory management system is easily seen across your web portal and hence, you can manage inventory, orders, and execute tasks. Added functionalities of this duo are,

• No extra labor needed to generate customer report

• Secure login for the client

• Data accessibility on anytime and anywhere

• Advance shipping notifications help meet picking and packing demand

If you wish to have these benefits, you can have customized solutions and get added ERP features. This is easily achievable if you make a successful Odoo ERP implementation.

Inventory Tracking

Client interaction is the foundation of your business. 3PL WMS dedicatedly serves this purpose. With real-time location tracking of the goods shipped, you can give your customers an exact delivery report.

Streamlining tracking functionalities via SKU, batch, parts, or serial number is the most accurate way to get real-time data about goods in transit.

Besides, your WMS also makes sure you get inventory activity details inside or outside of the warehouse. This is feasible to manage a complete audit.

3PL Billing

Billing makes an important part of the whole transaction. It is complicated and time-consuming for shippers, and prone to errors. However, you can easily avoid it with your 3PL WMS that generates accurate billing against many transactions taking place.

3PL software scalability

3PL WMS works on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. For small scale businesses, it is easy to adjust to their sales volumes and requirements while also ensuring customer satisfaction. At the same, when seasonal peaks go up, using this advanced third-party logistics service makes it efficient to manage goods and shipment.

Wrapping up

Third-party logistics or 3PLs are important to serve your audience without the need for an expensive investment into building your own warehouse management. Keep your customers satisfied while simultaneously improving the operational efficiency of your warehouse management with a 3PL WMS service. Wait not. Get it now.

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