CES selects SYSPRO to address business inefficiencies – IT Brief Australia

Caravan Electrical Solutions (CES) has chosen SYSPRO to aid in its handling of business inefficiencies as the company experiences rapid growth.
The company says it has experienced record numbers of Australians buying caravans and campers, which it notes is due to pandemic-related travel restrictions.
Additionally, data from The Caravan Industry Association shows record sales of campers and caravans in 2020 and 2021, up by at least 15%.
Because of this, CES has enlisted the help of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist SYSPRO to address shortfalls in its business so that the company can better adapt to the growing demand for its products and services.
Founded in 2011, the company offers complete electrical systems for recreational vehicles, including the supply of materials, labour and a fully comprehensive warranty, with aftermarket support.
CES is a market leader in the industry and says its purpose is to provide quality labour-saving technologies to RV manufacturers and continued ongoing support for consumers who buy RVs with this technology.
“The prolonged closure of international borders has merely been an accelerator for our business, which was what instigated the search for a professional ERP system to address inefficiencies in the business, so we can really take it to the next level for an unprecedented period of record growth,” CES director Jason Arter says.
SYSPRO is a global, independent provider of industry-built ERP software designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors.
With a focus on delivering optimised performance and complete business visibility, SYSPRO says its services can be established on-premise, in the cloud, or accessed through a mobile device.
“For the foreseeable future, road trips and caravans are going to be a very popular mode of travel around Australia and sales for CES are only expected to keep on rising,” SYSPRO Asia Pacific CEO Rob Stummer says.
“We are thrilled to be part of their journey in driving operational efficiencies within their thriving business and we look forward to working together on a seamless implementation to help drive further growth for the business with SYSPRO ERP as its backbone.” 
CES is SYSPRO’s first sales deal in Asia Pacific for 2022 and took just eight weeks from an online enquiry to closing the deal.
SYSPRO notes it was a competitive sales engagement process against Odoo and M1 Software, with comprehensive pre-sales engagement from discovery to demonstration.
CES has purchased SYSPRO ERP, SYSPRO MRP and SYSPRO MOM to integrate different parts of the business that are currently operated as silos.
“The SYSPRO team clearly articulated the value proposition of its cloud ERP system for CES and had the clear differentiator ultimately and won the deal primarily due to its specific focus on the manufacturing and distribution sectors and its personable approach to get to know us and thoroughly understand our business,” Arter says.
CES acknowledges that the current nature of recruiting new employees and training them with specialist technical RV industry knowledge is a common challenge for businesses.
As a result, the company aims to achieve significant operational efficiencies with the 100 strong workforce it has today.
CES says it has selected SYSPRO as it has complete confidence that its specialist manufacturing industry knowledge will enable the company to automate its processes and ensure that all parts of the business are fully interconnected.


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