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Object Cache Pro is a persistent object cache backend powered by Redis that delivers raw performance, reliability and peace of mind.
It’s the brainchild of Till Krüss, a senior software engineer turned entrepreneur, who set out to solve the many challenges presented by object caching:
“Convesio and Object Cache Pro are a natural fit, we’re both passionate about performance and focus on helping businesses that run on WordPress to scale seamlessly. So we’re very excited to partner up and to help push Convesio’s innovative hosting stack even further.”
So, how does it work and what performance boosts can you expect?
Object Cache Pro works its magic at the server level, making it hands-off and removing the need for installation or management by a developer. It boosts compression, serialization, and optimizes a number of other processes related to Redis. The end result is a dramatic impact on CPU usage and network saturation making Convesio a lighter and faster stack to run WordPress on.
Benefits are compounded during scaling events too. Optimization helps reduce the amount of resources WordPress needs and delays the need for additional containers to be deployed. This helps performance, reliability and keeps customer’s costs down too.
Convesio was conceived and built to scale WordPress, using Docker containers instead of a traditional VPS set up which deliver more efficiency, resilience and performance whether there are 10 or 100,000 users visiting a website.
We partner with the likes of Object Cache Pro, Cloudflare and Steadfast to further improve performance of our stack and offer additional value to our customers. Object Cache Pro retails at $95 / month and is available free of charge to customers on our Business and Enterprise plans.
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