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Simple steps to install, create and run Docker container on Manjaro Linux via Docker Hub to use various applications in a virtual environment.
Using virtual machines have its own advantages, it gives better consumption of hardware resource, saves costs and space. However, running each and every app on traditional virtual machines is not only time-consuming but also requires more resources. To resolve this issue, Docker comes into the scenarios. It provides us the ability to run applications instantly in a virtualized environment called Containers. These containers can build on one another and communicate with one another as well… Examples of these applications would be an Apache server or a MySQL database.
It is a lightweight alternative to regular virtual platforms that uses system-level virtualization under Linux.  The distribution of the Docker containers takes place via the Docker Hub.   Here we learn how to install Docker Container on Manjaro Linux.
First of all, use the Pacman and run the system update command that not only installs the available packages but also refreshes the repository.
Packages to install Docker are already there on the official repository of Manjaro, thus no need to add anything extra, just go for the command given below and you are good to go.
Once the installation is completed, the next is to start its service and also enable the same so that after every reboot, the Manjaro can automatically start the Docker Service.
For getting the status-
To check docker versions and other information-
By default, we need to use sudo with Docker command to create a container, delete, info, etc. To solve this, we need to add our local user to the Docker group. For that use this command:
So far we have installed and running up the docker on our Manjaro successfully. Now, it’s time to pull an image from Docker Hub to test everything is fine or not. Here we are installing a container using Ubuntu’s latest image.
To run container-
Create Docker Container on Manjaro Linux
#2nd method:
If due to some reason the first method is not working then we can go for the SNAP packages. Run below commands-
Heyan Maurya AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux

Heyan Maurya Linux
Heyan Maurya Linux

Heyan Maurya Linux

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