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What is the size rtorship market? ? It has been estimated that approximately $6 billion will be spent on B2B ecommerce globally by the year 2020. trillion by 2020. Moreover, the company is expected to grow by 18 percent per year over the next few years. In 2021-2028, GDP is forecast to increase by 7%. Over the next few years, I expect the B2B market to continue to grow, as it is today.
Agency Name
Worldwide Revenue (Billions)
WPP Group
Omnicom Group
Publicis Groupe
Interpublic Group
Any strategy that uses B2B marketing to add value to a company in its marketplace, is considered marketing. A B2B marketing agency refers to companies and individuals buying those marketing strategies and content.
Rather than being a smaller market than B2C, the B2B sector is much larger. Forrester Research estimates that there are 777.5 billion consumer internet users worldwide, more than double that of the B2C market.
It is possible to identify B2B marketing examples in the oil & gas industry by instance. An industrial pump manufacturer markets the products of their company. Commercial contractors are taking steps to establish contracts to build a law firm office building.
We have divided B2B customers into four main categories to provide you with an idea of the diversity of options: buyers, sellers, resellers, and providers.
This type of business-to-business marketing is necessary when one company’s output is required of another in order to run smoothly. Marketing B2B services include the example of an industrial pump manufacturer who is in the process of making a sale to a gas and oil producing company.
business marketing agency can be defined as one that works with companies all sizes to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to target their desired goals. This could include driving sales on websites, setting up the business online reputation, enhancing profit growth, or other goals.
The goal of a B2B agency is to make sure a business market exists to other companies, whereas a B2C agency seeks to make sure a business market exists to customers.

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