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A joint study conducted by NetApp and Zinnov found that there was a threefold increase from 900 companies in 2014 to 3,200 companies in 2018. According to industry estimates, B2B startups now contribute 43 percent of technology startups, an increase from 26 percent in 2014.
In addition to b2b e-commerce, Bizongo facilitates supply chain solutions for both large and small companies.
Report: India’s B2B e+commerce market will grow by $1 trillion by 2024, a report.
B2B companies are mostly in four basic categories to better define the different types of business customers. We’ve divided them into four basic groups for you to get a sense of the types of customer you may encounter.
It refers to the process of exporting products or services to businesses. The business model entails an organization and a company creating goods and services jointly for other organizations. A business to business (B2B) relationship with an ERP system may extend from a CRM system to a marketing system or a service business.
Apple relies greatly on Samsung, for instance, in the assembly of its iPhone. Similarly, Apple has business relationships with Intel, Panasonic, and semiconductor producer Micron Technology. Business-to-business transactions are also a major component in the automotive sector.
There are numerous online B2B markets to trade with a variety of products and services in India, including IndiaMART. Through its business solutions, it connects buyers and sellers from many different countries.
A quick way to analyse B2B online market trends is to look at Alibaba and Amazon, two of the most popular B2B online sellers. It was announced in early February that Amazon Business had generated $25 billion in annual sales and grew 1 percent. Amazon last year had six times faster growth.
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