Pierre changes Griffin Park Campground policy to include limiting stays to two weeks – Drgnews

The Pierre City Commission this week (Jan. 25, 2022) changed the Griffin Park campground policy to update length-of-stay parameters.
Tom Farnsworth, Parks and Recreation Director, says they want to limit the amount of time people stay at the campground to two weeks.
The change to a 14 consecutive day limit prompted Commissioner Blake Barringer to ask if exemptions could be made.
Farnsworth says they also added some clarifying language about what and when amenities are available.
The city has 16 RV spots available at the Griffin Park campground. There is no reservation system; the campground is first come, first serve. Camping privileges can be revoked for violation of ordinance or validated complaints.
The change was endorsed by the City’s Parks and Recreation Board prior to City Commission approval. The change is effective immediately.
Griffin Park Campground in Pierre.
Photo credit City of Pierre.
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