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With the success of many project like 0N1 Force and Azuki, anime projects have become the main talking point in the NFT space.  The shizuka NFT project falls into that category launching 8,888 NFTs starting 2/28/21 for pre-sale and public sale launching March 1st ad 4:00pm EST
8888 AI-Generated Assassins. Synthesis nearing completion…
[2/28] PRESALE 1:00pm PST | 4:00pm EST
[3/01] PUBLIC 1:00pm PST | 4:00pm EST
Unknown entities of corruption fester in the thresholds of the metaverse. SHIZUKA is a collection of 8888 AI generated assassins, optimized with experimental combat features to target corruption. They inhabit and traverse glitches, otherwise inaccessible, to maintain order and stability.
O̸̒̀b̷́̔ë̶́̏y̶̰̾ ̵̙́&̴͋̈ ̴̑͑E̸̯͌l̶̥̍i̵͓̍ḿ̷̑i̷͈̓n̴̈́a̶̡͆t̶͙̚ē̴͛.
Shizuka is an art and community-driven project. Shizuka’s art seeks to inspire the community through creativity and self-expression. It seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, advancing and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the NFT space.

Innkbean — Artist and Concept Designer
Kaiyu Liu
Masters of Architecture, Anime merch designer, Industrial designer
Twitter —
Instagram —
Badmon — Project Coordinator
Mike Tabler
Ex-IRL Entrepreneur, NFT degen & enthusiast, Professional collector
Twitter —
Instagram — — Lead Developer
Nick Tabler
Software engineer, Big-data engineer, Web3 developer
Twitter —
Linkedin —
Generation 2 Mint
Work on Generation 2 art will be started as soon as generation 1 is sold out. Gen 1 holders will be guaranteed a WL mint for the second iteration of NFTS. Gen 2 concepts and, possibly, a sneak peek will be announced before our initial sale. Gen 2 mint is expected to take place during Summer 2022.
An airdrop is planned for early fall 2022. This will be an airdrop of some complexity; it will be dependent on holding previous NFTS. More details will be released closer to Gen 2 mint. This airdrop will be 100% free of charge and will be “dropped” to your wallet, with no gas fees.
Future plans
As mentioned previously, we are a community-focused project and intend to involve the community in ways to move forward. The future of Shizuka is in the hands of the holders. Some realistic long-term goals include a holder-only merchandise line & a holder-exclusive short manga. We are also optimistic about the opportunity of growing our brand at Anime and NFT conventions.
We are beyond excited for the future of this project, and we could not have achieved any of it without you. So here is to you, with our sincerest gratitude.
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Liam Pannier is 3d NFT artists that creates beautiful illustrations based on the worlds imagery.  Based out of Saint-Pierre France,  Liam combines scenes with intergalactic themes that explore “brilliantly formed planets, tripping through the zero-gravity realm with transcendental style.”  His art is already making waves on the quickly growing NFT marketplace  You can find him on instagram and other social networks. We anticipate further collections on other Marketplaces in the near future.

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