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Partnering With TIDAL
SOUNDROP is now distributing to TIDAL, allowing them to participate in its fan-centered royalty model. In addition to getting SOUNDROP artists’ music to TIDAL, the company is working closely with the artist-centered streaming service to develop new opportunities for their talent. 
SOUNDROP Director/Business Development GABE HERRING commented, “TIDAL has been one of our most requested distribution partners. On top of that, TIDAL has made some industry-leading commitments to its artist-founded roots. One big one: It’s launched a fan-centric payment model that will serve our artists well. We are excited to work with a streaming service that is both popular with our creator community and shares our passion for supporting artists.”
 Rather than aggregating payouts, TIDAL will directly connect usage and royalties from individual listens by HIFI PLUS users. TIDAL’s Fan-Centered Royalties contrast sharply with the pro-rata system that pays artists according to their relative popularity. A fan-centered approach stands to benefit niche artists with dedicated followings, much like SOUNDROP. 
Added HERRING, “We work with a lot of constant creators, especially those who’ve gathered a community on a specific platform but who need music distribution to supplement what they’re already up to. We make sure our artists are getting their content to as many possible fans as possible, wherever they listen.”
Record label and influencer TRAP MUSIC NOW, who runs a YOUTUBE channel with more than 3.7 million subscribers, says: “TIDAL gives our artists and producers a high fidelity platform to garner a larger audience and more exposure. With SOUNDROP and TIDAL, TRAP MUSIC NOW is able to offer artists an unparalleled edge in marketing their content to new fans in new ways.”
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