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Steps and commands to install TeamPass collaborative Password Manager on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux server or desktop to manage passwords using the browser.
What is TeamPass collaborative Password Manager?
TeamPass is an open-source web-based password manager that also allows sharing of passwords. It is available to install on a Linux and Windows server along with an easy Docker Image way as well. It is also known as a collaborative password keeper because it allows sharing of the stored pass key folders with team members. Access rights can be defined for each user to control or limit them to access only a given set of data.
Key Features:
TeamPass System requirements
It doesn’t need any special system requirements
As TeamPass password manager is a web-based application thus we need to set up a Web server on our Ubuntu server or desktop. For that run
Allow Apache full in the firewall:
As the Teampass is based on PHP, hence we need to install this hypertext language on our Ubuntu server along with extensions that help it to communicate with MySQL and perform other tasks with Apache.
Use the below single command that will not only installs the PHP but the necessary extensions.
We also need Mcrypt but it is not available in the official repo, thus we compile it from the source.
Enable mcrypt extension-
Check it-
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//]]>Enable Mcrypt extension

One more thing we have to edit is the PHP.ini to increase the maximum execution time for a script/process:
Under Resource Limit find the line:
max_execution_time = 30
and change its value to
max_execution_time = 60
Change PHP maximum Executaion Time
Save file- Ctrl+X, Y and hit the Enter key.
To store the Database of Teampass, MySQL has to be installed either on the same Ubuntu server or in a dedicated one. The packages to set up MySQL or MariaDB are already there on Ubuntu 20.04 official repo.
Enable and start it-
Run mysql_secure_installation to secure the initial installation.
Login to MySQL:
Replace youDB with the database name you want to use and youUSER for username and pass with the password you want to use.
Now, let’s download the files we need to configure and setting up the TeamPass collaborative password manager on the Ubuntu running system.
Create a dedicated directory in www to hold the Teampass files.
Get the latest files
Create virtual host
Add the following lines, and it must look exactly like below:
Save the files Ctrl +X, type Y, and hit the Enter key.
Disable Default Apache website configuration and enable the one you have created.
Reload Apache
Open your browser and type the Ip-address of the server or the URL of the domain where you have installed the TeamPass Password manager.
Welcome screen
Server Check for Teampass
Database connection
TeamPass Ubuntu – Salt key and password
Create Database tables
Configuration Finalization
TeamPass Ubuntu password manager screenshot
Login Administrator password
TeamPass collaborative password manager Dashboard on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux
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