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There are many WordPress designs trending in 2021. Here’s a list of those designs.
WordPress design trends are the directions for WordPress websites in the order the industry is evolving. Proper implementation of the design trends can set your website at the top of other competitive websites.
Industry design trends change based on user experience. Hence, most up-to-date and tech enthusiast customers will appreciate websites with a better user experience. In that case, you should follow the modern design trends to keep your website in the industry direction.
In this post, we will showcase the best WordPress design trends to follow in 2021.
WordPress design trends help to keep your website consistent and up to the industry culture. WordPress is the most prominent CMS, and it always tries to evolve and set the best user experience by giving itself a secure, productive, and visually appealing structure.
Likewise, WordPress is constantly introducing something new on the coding or web design trends. Thus, following and integrating these WordPress trends into your website will help you to craft your website’s profile at its best and grab all your customers' attention.
Without further delay, let’s find out the most effective WordPress design trends in 2021 that you should follow to enhance your WordPress website.
We know that a website consists of a lot of information. And in a single-page website, all you need is a singular page to display all the information visitors need. A single-page layout makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for and features they want to showcase. Thus, single-page design is a popular trend that many businesses already implement in their WordPress websites.
Here, the rational approach is to use the right content, the information you want to include on your website, with the correct idea of the product or services.
This minimalist WordPress design trend is easier to navigate and focuses on particular elements without creating unnecessary clutter. If you use the function, it can bring a large amount of user traffic and conversions.
You will notice a significant increase in the use of WordPress illustration design if you look at website design trends in 2021 compared to early years. The websites now make adorable, relative, and visually pleasing illustrations. Websites display them to present the point of view of the designer.
Visual illustrations can be expressive. Besides, you may consider using appropriate infographics, mascots, and characters to add a friendly and relaxing feeling to the total user experience. It intends to trigger users' emotions and compel them to react. Thus, it serves as a pull strategy.
The main goal of illustrations is to attract the primary viewers by the illustrated presentation. Likewise, these elements create a positive effect on users' memory to create a brand image. So, it will result in your company's sales growth.
Web design has come a long way since its beginning. Consequently, the background has undergone a significant amount of changes. In 2021, WordPress backgrounds with heading web design are becoming informative. It is one of the core features that visually shows how unique your website is.
The background holds the theme of the website. The header grabs user attention, informs them, and guides them to continue on the website. It also establishes a connection with them. Under this feature, you can display your brand identity, logo, motto, hero image, contact information, etc.
However, these two features' mutual harmony and contrast create a visual attraction. While designing the header, you should consider separating it from the rest of the layout content with a good transition. The contrast of the header and the content background colors or styles creates uniqueness.
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Since the beginning years, sliders have been there and they're one of the most influential design cultures of all time. These days, they are more creative and functional than ever before. Moreover, sliders offer you a way to organize and highlight important content.
Likewise, a WordPress slider design allows you to place images, videos, titles, text, and buttons on any page on your site. Images can be set on comfortable auto-play or click view for users.
Sliders make it easy to display products and promote unique features of your business within a single section on the website. Instead of creating a clutter of feedback, it is much better to gather everything under one platform.
Furthermore, sliders help to create a clear web with a lot of information minimization. Thus, they keep the users engaged despite the short display.
Nowadays, the clean and transparent appearance of WordPress websites with a hero image is a common view. That's because a hero image helps you focus precisely on a product on the website.
Website admins attract visitors' attention using pleasing background, illustration, artwork, and videos. The trending form of hero image can be a visual expression of a product or service offered. It influences the opinion of your users and also plays a vital role in visitor click growth.
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Parallax scrolling is another exciting WordPress web design trend. This effect gives a 3D sense to the visitors as they scroll down the site, which serves a pleasant user experience. The most used technique is the background parallax. However, parallax also includes using small elements like text and images.
These elements have been long adopted into different contents, creating a realistic effect. In addition, it helps create an illusion effect in websites by making the background of a website scroll slower-paced than the front elements. With more creativity, this trend can offer a great visual impression and boost customer engagement.
WordPress video design is now the beginning of a new trend. In the recent era of high competition, it is hard to gain superiority over competitors. However, you can use video design to grab the user's direct attention to your precise information.
Besides, you can create a sense of harmony between all content on a page. It matters to the users what they see and who they see. Therefore, you should prioritize the on-site content to be united and relevant. It's even more important because your competitors are only a click away.
Users can see the physical presence through video design. It makes users feel more emotionally connected and related to the service and the people behind the website.
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Your website displays the philosophy of your branding in public. Therefore, creating an elegant and helpful website requires a proficient understanding of the market trends and website design principles or philosophies.
Knowing the WordPress design trends is a must if you are thinking of creating a great-looking and functioning WordPress website. Also, it would be best if you learned about other factors that make a website perform better, such as design principles, UX implementation, and more.
Web designers have been championing responsive design for years now, but what is it and how can it produce superior web pages?
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