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In an era where online websites are boosting the global presence of various industries, setting up domain registration establishes credibility and helps you integrate your trademark for better visibility. After all, staying a step ahead of your competition requires you to be adept at managing your web presence.
With our top 5 best domain name registration providers, you can make customers, and even potential customers, instantly recognize what you have to offer.
In a nutshell, domain names are crucial in the Internet’s addressing scheme since it won’t work well without them.
But, a successful domain name registration sets forth professionalism and credibility while reinforcing brand awareness for customers and potential ones.
The bottom line is that domain registration builds easier access to your website for it to become more reputable and to generate traffic and sales at the same time.
Domain registration is quick and easy. You just have to choose the best domain name, preferably something that would attract visitors.
However, millions of registered domains are around, so you have to check if your top pick is available online through domain availability checker tools.
Once your domain name is available, and up for use, the next step will be a breeze. The registration process consists of choosing the best domain registrar, purchasing your domain, completing registration, and verifying ownership of your domain name.
Keep in mind that the nature of the entire process varies depending on your choice of domain registration provider.
Domain registration isn’t just for startups because there are also free domain registration providers if you want to create a website just for fun. The downside, however, is you won’t get enough personalization options or features as compared to paid ones.
Since best domain name registration cannot be achieved without domain registrars, we did the work for you.
Based on services, features, and level of difficulty, we curated and ranked our top 5 best domain registrars so you can easily undergo domain registration.
When it comes to domain registration, Domain already has its services known instantly, thanks to its name. But that’s not the best part about
This well-known company has been around since 1998, hosting over 1.7 million unique websites and domain names under their roof. The domain search module is very easy to use, making the pick for the right domain name even easier.
Furthermore, Domain offers more than just domain names; it also provides other services like web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, and even web design and marketing services.
The domain registrar also offers free services such as URL forwarding, email forwarding, transfer lock, and total DNS management, providing domain portfolio owners comprehensive control.
This domain name registration provider has everything you need to succeed online, from building a simple website to creating an online store. Best of all, it all works together for one cohesive online experience.
Overall, besides being a domain registrar and website builder, Domain offers everything you need to attain online success, whatever your definition of it may be. If you aren’t sure where to start, Domain’s team of experts can help you start right away.
Web Hosting
A Website Builder
Web Design & Marketing Services
Professional email hosting from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
Premium SSL certificate by Comodo
Customer support
Taking the second spot is no other than GoDaddy. With more than 60 million domain names, GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar of all accredited companies, holding nearly 18% of the market in terms of domain names.
As part of GoDaddy’s offering, you’ll also find web hosting, email hosting, website building tools, WordPress hosting, website security, and more. When you buy a domain name, you can either purchase the domain on its own or bundle it with other services.
There is no better place to find the perfect domain name for your business than the Domain Name Finder. Provide a domain name of your choice, and you’ll be taken to a powerful search engine that searches the web’s enormous database of domain names. Then, you’re good to go with your domain name registration.
GoDaddy gives direct one-on-one guidance with human connection, which no tool can replace. This includes helping people name their ideas for their business, creating an appealing brand and website, and attracting customers via digital and social media marketing.
Domain search before domain registration
Full domain privacy and protection
Web hosting and professional email hosting
Website building tools to help you start from scratch
SEO and marketing tools
Despite being a part of Google’s extensive portfolio, domain name service has only been available since 2015. However, it isn’t easy to call them a newcomer to domain registries because it has been one of the most popular so far.
Indeed, Google’s huge infrastructure makes Google Domains a strong domain name registration provider on its own, making it a highly competitive one. From .com to .photography to .cafe, you can choose from more than 300 domain endings.
The domain name registration provider helps you get started quickly with tools like Dynamic DNS, Google Synthetic Records, TTL configuration, and more.
Google Domains can also help you with an easy-to-build, modern website using several trusted providers. Then, upgrade to a credible, professional email address with your new domain.
Whether you want a simple, memorable name or a complex one, Google Domains has suitable options for you.
Besides, Google infrastructure and 24/7 customer support allow you to experience speed and security. You’ll get all the features you need at a single price. There will be no hidden charges.
Simple pricing with optional extras
Lets you search available domain names
Professional email address
Google 2-step verification
Customer support
Website builder with no coding required
Provides marketing services for your website
Regery is one of the best domain registrars to consider with its hosting and domain management tools suitable even for newbies in the field.
In 2017, Regery was founded by a team of technical specialists from Ukraine, all of whom have extensive experience in the domain and hosting industries.
Regery’s primary objective is to create hosting and domain management tools that will benefit both novice and experienced domainers alike by making their work affordable and as easy as possible.
This domain name registration provider offers about 2500 domain name zones for registration and management. Plus, Regery is also an official partner of many domain name registration providers and a direct registrar of dozens of domain zones located in Ukraine.
DomainTransfer Protection. You can protect your domain name to prevent unauthorized transfer requests from Regery to another registrar.
Single and bulk domain search with various domain suggestion rules, including swap words and letters. You can find the desired available domain name in seconds. Also, on Regery domain search, you can see domain prices for your domain on other registrars, which are usually much more expensive.
Whois service allows anyone to get domain owner contact information, expiration date, and common technical domain parameters.
Feature-rich domain name generator service. You can generate different domain names by predefined rules. Compose different names from a few words, letters, and numbers.
Free domain internal transfers. Move domains across Regery accounts for free. It can be helpful when a domain owner sells his domain to another Regery client.
Free access rights. Domain owners can grant access to any domain for other Regery users.
Web Hosting with built-in control panel. Regery offers a great hosting solution, with an isolated container-like environment for every customer.
Free Whois Contacts Protection. Use free Privacy Guard, Local Presence, or Trustee services to protect contact information for your domain.
Simple and fast DNS. Manage your domain records from the domain control panel and set up subdomains, mail forwarding, URL forwarding, and set your site’s location in one place.
Free nameservers management. Easily connect domain name to any internal or external web hosting service.
Free domain forwarding with masking. Anytime someone opens your domain name in a browser, they will be moved directly to your new website.
Free email forwarding. Regery provides free and easy email forwarding. You can receive emails in your email address when they are sent to your domain.
Auto-renewals. Regery gives you a free domain auto-renewal service.
2FA and security alert notifications. Protect your account by setting up two-factor authorization. There are two types of 2FA available: Time-based one-time password (TOTP) and classic 2FA with pin code sent to your email/telegram or via SMS.
SSL Certificates. A set of reputable SSL certificates like GeoTrust and Thawte are included in Regery’s services. Comodo offers free and inexpensive SSL certificates, too.
24/7 support with online chat. The domain name registration provider offers round-the-clock support and responds quickly to emerging requests.
More than that, Regery has the most affordable prices for most of the domain zones. The domain registration provider monitors prices across 144 registrars in 3616 domain zones and has 1079 lowest prices for renewals, which is 44% of the stack of zones.
Offers cheap, stable, fast hosting services from a robust data center
Offers domain registrations and renewals at very affordable prices
Created a shared hosting solution with a custom built-in hosting management panel.
Every customer has great ‘container-like’ isolation from each other
Direct access with SSH is possible right from Regery’s hosting control panel in any modern browser
Offers shared hosting with Plesk panel for users who are used to cPanel like control
Provides many SSL certificates for a single domain, for all subdomains, for multiple domains
Has fast, professional online support, which is essential for clients
Relatively new registrar that has operated since 2017
Regery is a leading yet cheap domain name registrar. It makes it easy to register domain names in most domain areas. Through a domain name search, you can find a new domain name you like in a matter of seconds. Not just that; Regery also offers reasonable pricing in the market.
Search your preferred domain name and start the domain registration in the easiest way possible with Regery.
When looking for a domain name, Bluehost may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But unknown to others, Bluehost was initially a web hosting company that expanded its services to help clients upscale their business.
This domain registration provider also offers free domain names with the purchase of any of their hosting plans. Though Bluehost’s domain name registrar is not the cheapest, you can still purchase domain names directly from the company.
In addition, shared hosting is probably the best choice unless you are managing a big project or you like to play with your server’s configuration.
Also available from Bluehost is a WordPress hosting service. This hosting service is optimized for WordPress sites and includes several perks like staging areas.
Suppose your website needs a high-performance server to handle a lot of traffic, or it hosts another website that generates a great deal of traffic; you can get dedicated servers as well.
All in all, Bluehost is something to consider when you’re only planning to undergo domain registration because of its ever-changing features to suit your needs.
Whois privacy and protection
Professional email hosting from Microsoft 365
24/7 expert support
Domain names and shared hosting
WordPress hosting
VPS and dedicated servers
You may have no problem searching up a new domain name online, but it’s a very different story when it comes to domain registration. Needless to say, the essential step is determining which domain name registration provider is right for you and is worth the investment.
Make sure your website can attract more customers and increase conversion rate by choosing Domain, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Regery, or Bluehost from our list any time of the day.
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