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Do you know which vendors are top in the ERP software category? As more companies are looking for a system to standardize their most important business processes to increase productivity and ROI. Enterprise resource planning systems are becoming a solution for businesses of all sizes (for small, medium & large business).
To resolve the problems handled by companies, including misinformation, getting one of the modern ERP systems makes various solutions—like customer relation management, Human resource, Supply management & Accounting all together in a single platform. To learn the benefits of software, we suggest reading this Benefits of implementing ERP software article for an analysis of its advantages.
According to a statement by Aberdeen Group, the implementation of ERP systems recorded an improvement of 35% increase in inventory returns, 20% quicker cycle times & 19% higher compliance for the internal program. While it decreases administrative charges up to 15% and operational charges up to 16%.
If you are excited to see at more products, here are the list of 5 best ERP software in India & USA preferred by experts.
IPIX ERP is a software by the tech giant named IPIX Tech Services in India headquartered in Dubai, UAE & also branches in USA also. IPIX ERP is basically a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite that provides a platform for small-size, mid-size & large-size companies in all industries. It provides solutions to help oversee different business activities, including customer relationship management (CRM), logistics, accounting, sales, product management, project planning and HR.
IPIX ERP is one of the globally used popular advanced ERP software with affordable cost for all type of business such as for small or medium or large size.
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions of the ERP system allows companies or entrepreneurs to hold whatever information they might want to keep on their customers and keeps up such data for any future references.
IPIX ERP’s monetary module is provided for making important financial reports like the cost center review report, management information report, profitability report, etc.
The sales and distribution module, which is strongly combined along with your business’s e-commerce websites, implements roles of order placement, scheduling, dispatching/shipping and invoicing, thereby giving your client order management simpler!
2. NetSuite ERP
NetSuite is one of the good companies in ERP software development in USA. Some years ago, it was taken by Oracle Corporation, a big tech giant in software technology. The company resumes developing ERP systems for business in higher than 20 countries. NetSuite ERP is a complete ERP software developed for large businesses. It gives a centralized system for your business from the top executives to the clerical staff.
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3. Scoro
Scoro is created by the Scoro software company in UK, for productive services and experts. It has branches in many places such as New York, Tallinn, London, Vilnius & Riga.
It is an work management and company software that connects different processes such as selling, billing, team and project management & others. It is mainly developed for medium-sized businesses primarily in sectors such as IT, advertising, and consulting. It gives a solution to reduce the need for changing between systems for a more smooth operation. Some of its top features are collaboration, CRM & advanced reporting.
4. Odoo Erp
Odoo software is created in 2005. Since then, it became one of the good growing companies.
While the company now has many products, its top software is Odoo. It is an ERP system for sales and project management, ecommerce & point-of-sale (POS). But not just that, the ERP solutions also combines with a wide collection of sales channels and business management solutions, so you can happily run your key processes continuously.
5. Oracle ERP Cloud
Oracle ERP Cloud is a software by the tech giant named Oracle Corporation in USA. Oracle Corporation is an American multinational tech corporation that’s recognized as the second biggest software maker in the world according to income in 2015. Oracle ERP Cloud was founded in 2012.
This SaaS suite is made to manage enterprise solutions. The complete cloud-based system gives built-in industry standards and the excellent, modern practices. This ERP suite consists of seven software modules to automate main business processes. It tries to simplify and give scalability to planning and product lifecycle, risk management & others. This ERP is also gives a solid support for companies that include, but not limited to IT, marketing, consulting and sales.


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