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Creating compelling content regularly for your WordPress site should be a key part of your strategy. However, if you’re addressing your audience’s pain points but aren’t getting the desired traffic, there might be something else you need to fix. Most issues concerning a WordPress site’s performance stem from its hosting.
WordPress Hosting

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What is Managed Hosting for Your WordPress Site?

Managed hosting for WordPress is a specialized web hosting service for sites that use the popular CMS. This type of hosting provides extra functionality and benefits. These added features offer ease of use, optimal management and speedy file transfer between the server and your visitors.
As the name suggests, a managed web hosting package takes most of the burden off your shoulders so you can focus more on creating content and earning sales. The service provider offers a suite of functionality and options that require less of your time to manage. Let’s look at the reasons that make managed web hosting for WordPress a smart choice.
There’s only so much time you can dedicate to your WordPress website’s security. Even if you install the necessary plugins and apply an SSL certificate, hackers are always on the move. With a managed hosting package for your WordPress site, the host picks up the burden.
Harmful DDoS attacks are detected in real-time so that you don’t experience costly downtime from such an assault. A managed hosting provider also offers malware removal and hack repair in the case that there is a reach.
Some of the big players in the space can afford to offer adequate general support but oftentimes, WordPress users run into a wall. Support reps may not be able to provide immediate support for your WordPress site and might have to get back to you hours or days later. Managed hosting for your WordPress site guarantees that you will have top-notch support that will help you resolve any issues fast and effectively.
There are also outside tools and assets that are compatible with wordpress to help broaden your audience through accessibility, such as an ADA compliance website checker.
Trusting your WordPress hosting to a managed provider means that your website will be significantly faster than the average hosting service can offer. Due to a managed hosting provider owning strategically located data centers around the world, your site will load at lightning-fast speeds for your users regardless of their location.
When creating and maintaining a website, your goal is for it to grow. You want your audience to increase exponentially so that you can sell your products or share your knowledge with the world. So, what happens when you hit internet gold and visitors start flooding your WordPress site?
If you have shared hosting, you’ll have to upgrade to a dedicated server. This can take time and be potentially costly. Managed hosting provides hassle-free scalability without the time-consuming website migration process.
If you’re building a WordPress site that you don’t plan to monetize, rank high in the search engines or grow for business purposes, you can find cheaper alternatives. If you’re building a website to broadcast your content and convert visitors into paying customers, then managed WordPress hosting from places like Nexcess is definitely worth the cost.

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